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Owning & holding an "Are You The One" NFT, grants you partial ownership of the song's streaming royalty rights, plus access to exclusive content and other benefits. Ownership percentage and extras vary based on the amount of NFT's you own.

Collection size : 1000 NFT's

Mint Price : 0.07 ETH



Discover the Utilities

50% of Royalties

50% of the streaming royalties will be distributed amongst the NFT Holders

Music Video Feature

We will select 2 NFT holders to feature in the Music Video alongside the Cast of the show


Holding the NFT will automatically put you in a Prize pool (Spend the day with Josh in Monaco, Photoshoot & Many More)

Private chat 

Join a private Group chat with Josh & Joshy

First Dibs on future Drops

First dibs on all future Josh Stanley NFT drops

Exclusive Merch & Discounts

Access to NFT Holders only Merch

Discounts on all Josh Stanley Merch

Josh With healey Reversing SQUARE.jpg

Mint your "Are You The One" NFT NOW !!

NFT's sold by Josh have embedded streaming royalty rights. The percentage varies depending on the amount of NFT's you hold. To claim streaming royalties after they've accrued, the NFT must be in your wallet.

Launching using dropspace technology

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