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She Buys Her Men

Updated: May 14, 2019

“She Buys Her Men” is breaking the stereotype that rich old men are the only ones that can enjoy a younger companion. Inspired by artist like Jon Bellion, Charlie Puth, J Dilla and the Weeknd Josh found his sound, “Electro Dark Pop”. The groovy bass guitar, Uk afro swing drum sounds combined with the honest and upfront vocals bring a twist to this female empowering song. “She buys her men” is releasing worldwide on April 19th 2019, published by BMG/ Wisseloord.

Cover art of she Buys Her men
She Buys Her Men Cover Art

About the Artist

After studying at Berklee College of Music, Josh Stanley went onto write songs at Wisseloord Studio in the Netherlands. Released his debut single "Young Demoiselle" in June of 2018. The single debuted on the radio show "Ekdom in de Ochtend" from Radio 2.

Describing his music as Electro Dark Pop, Josh experiments with emotional sound designs and pop melodies to convey his storytelling.

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